Who we are

Primary Energise was created by Dave Bamber, a practising lead P.E. teacher in a Devon primary school. Dave created the programme to realise a need to supply a comprehensive, easy to use fun way of engaging every pupil in regular short bursts of activity.

The Benefits of Primary Energise

The benefits of Primary Energise are immense. After physical activity, pupils concentration levels increase; they have more oxygen in their brains; they’re wide wake and they’re ready to learn! The Sports Premium money which is allocated to all Primary Schools must, in part, be spent on increasing physical activity levels for all groups of students and Primary Energise has been created to address this requirement.

If Primary Energise is used every day for 10 minutes, each pupil would effectively have an additional 50 minutes or 1 extra PE lesson of physical activity each week.

Throughout the year, this equates to 35 hours of extra activity per pupil. These hard facts ensure that a school is ‘OFSTED ready’, and show how your school is increasing Physical Activity (PA) opportunities; how you’re incorporating PA across the whole school and how as a leadership team, you’re increasing the PA of your Pupil Premium pupils.

Sample Video