Primary Energise

Primary Energise is a new Wake and Shake programme, designed for busy primary school teachers.

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It makes me feel energetic

Caitlin, Year 4

I really like it because you get to choose some of your own movements

Izzy, Year 5

Our Aim

We’re passionate about schools being active and fun places for pupils, both in their classrooms and in their playground. Primary Energise – Wake and Shake is so simple to use; just log-on and press play. Instantly, the pupils are actively engaged in a controlled, short burst of high quality, Physical Activity and ready to start their day awake and energised.

Primary Energise inspires pupils

Pupils love to move, they look forward to their morning energise routine and the teachers who use it know that it helps their pupils focus more in the lessons which follow.

Our aim is simple: it is to inspire pupils to be active in a safe and controlled environment which in turn, increases their daily academic focus.

The Programme

Primary Energise is a new Wake and Shake programme, designed for busy primary school teachers who will just need to log on - press play – and the pupils are immediately active and engaged.

We stream professional, progressive and differentiated 10-minute activity videos which include a choice of different routines from the world of Ballet, Zumba, Cheer Leading, Street Dance and Yoga. The videos are streamed straight onto your classroom white boards.

For those teachers who like working outdoors, there are also outdoor activity clips, presented in short videos for the teachers to copy. Each video whether indoors or outdoors is accompanied with a progressive ‘How To,’ explanation sheet, so the teachers can pick it up and go.

No planning required!!

Sample Video